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The traditional Filipino chocolate drink made from the farm of Davao. Tablea is a shaped of ground-up cacao beans, heated and blended with water to create a traditional Filipino chocolate drink called "Sikwate", or in spanish word TABLEAR. The premium quality usually depends on the roasting process, the lighter the roast the medium the taste and the darker the roast, the bolder the taste. The common dark roast are also the ones used for making dark chocolates.

Theobroma Tablea De Davao

SKU: 100
  • Each pouch of Theobroma pouch has 10 tableas good for 10 cups.  To enjoy the real taste, combined it with milk. Adding sugar may not needed but would still be your taste preference.

  • From the farm in DAVAO. Once open, keep it refrigerated. Consume within a weeks.

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