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TEJIDO - The Craft Makers of the North

"Tejido" : Kitchen Weaved Tower

A spanish term for the kitchen tower weaved by hand by some old local folks in Abra and Northern part calls it. We wanted to help them thats why, this amazing weaved product are included to some of our gift curated sets. Helping them by promoting it, including it and making it happened.

Very thankful and grateful that their works are included in our product list. As we continue with our journey in making all the products made by our local Filipino be included as well to give them all the support, the very core of our existense.

Why Bee Harvest Manila was born, not just about selling our products, not just curating gifts for personal and corporate but touching their lives have inspired us, making us strong, even if cometition is getting harder everyday.

"Every gift we make, every product we sell, gives hope for some."

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