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The CraftBox Makers of the Pandemic.

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

In a small town of Laguna, Paquil, we can find a community of craftbox makers. If your familiar with those brown boxes used as giftings, even letter/number shaped box crafting, then you what we are talking about. The local communities are known for their skilled way of doing all this things. During the pandemic, we were able to get in touch with them as we are also trying to discover local products that would compliment our creative ideas. After learning the effect of Pandemic, we had to do something in order for them to keep going. That is why in our Curated Gift Sets, you will see some of those handmade craft boxes made by them. Not only we are happy with how detailed their hand crafting is done, we are also able to aid them for their livelihood.

Let us share with you just a little of how they are and their story. Each time you purchase our products and giftsets, we are able to generate and help these communities, making sure life goes on.

This is their story....

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