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From our comb to your home

-   ABOUT US  -

Our collection of honey.

We were among those affected with this pandemic. It was a hard hit that led us into considering a new beginning, hoping for a window to open for us. Praying so hard that we may stand up again.  And this is how we started, while reading our bible, that particular verse struck us, it was about God and his promise to his land, " I will bless you with Milk and Honey..."  With that, one ordinary day, my wife saw this person online posting, that led us to sharing her story with us of how they harvest honey, to survive everyday. Being inspired, and because we wanted to make a difference, me and my partner started this help them by doing this livelihood, by creating

this bottle of honey, called "The Hive."  A bottle of hive to save lives.

Bee Harvest Manila distributes some of the finest honey and natural teas.  We are working together with local bee keepers/hunters and farmers utilizing the production, and becoming responsible in handling

the honey and tea harvesting community.

We directly collaborate with the locals from different places that produces good pure honey and cut out others that can exploit the bee keepers. Having this project brings us closer to resulting a good relationship with them and supporting them in everyway to a successful production of natural products.

We are here to support our local production of honey and the bee keepers and bee hunters community. We now cater honey and other organic products that grows from our local farm. With this, we are able to generate support to our local farming and agriculture industry.  So we call upon everyone to help us by supporting  our  product that is proudly Philippine made.

Our product are all pure, raw, unadulterated and uncultured wild honey harvested by our local beekeepers from the wild forest of the Philippines.

OUR ADVOCACY : For every purchase of Bee Harvest Manila wild honey, you are bringing hope and brightening the future of our local bee keepers, bee farmers and farmers.

For in giving, we pay it forward.

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