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Curated Gift Sets

Lujosa Gift Set

Black makes everything more classy. Launching our "Lujosa" gift set collection. Sophisticated...elegant... luxurious...

Rustic Gift Set

Rustic curated sets are gift series with natural colour palette and elements that fits your country, garden, boho, barn or farm theme. This vintage giftset will never go out of style. Weddings, events, corporate gifting made easy with Bee harvest manila.

Corporate Set Collections

Our corporate gift sets made with combining some of our products and items that will best fit your requirements. Making sure we create something elegant and practical.

Simpleza Gift Set

Presenting our curated giftset curation series the "Simpleza". Because keeping it simple is more...and beautiful.

Rustic Weave Box Gift Set

Our Rustic Native Weave Box Set Package

A hand made weave made of pandan leaves. Truly local and very unique.  We have partnered local weavers to also promote and share this wonderful opportunity with them.

On Special Occassions

Our curated gift sets made for occassions such as weddings, baptism, birthdays and anniversary. We want to make it more personal and special. We play with colors.

CraftBox maker "Pang-Regalo." a documentary of the craftbox makers.

CraftBox maker "Pang-Regalo." a documentary of the craftbox makers.

Their Story..."Pang-Regalo"🎁 If your familiar with those souvenirs you see in divisoria before pandemic, where you see big letters, some heart boxes and craft boxes, then you know what we are talking about. The craft box makers. They originated this, for decades, generations to generations passed on by their parents, grand parents. For a while they where doing ok until pandemic. Luckily we are able to connect to them, that's how our gifting was linked to what they do. To also help them in a way by using their craft box hand made works and incorporating it to our curated designs. Some of you have received our gift boxes during last Christmas. Thank you. Sharing this little story for everyone. Thank you.❤ "We rise by lifting others." Good Intentions. Grateful Heart. Bee Harvest Manila distributes some of the finest pure honey produced from the wild. We are working together with local bee keepers and bee hunters utilizing the production, and becoming responsible in handling the honey harvesting community. We directly collaborate with the locals from different places that produces good pure honey and cut out others that can exploit the bee keepers. Having this project brings us closer to resulting a good relationship with them and supporting them in every way to a successful production of natural product. We are here to support our local production of honey and the bee keepers and bee hunters community. Lets support Philippine products. #documentary #beeharvestmanila #beeharvestmanilacommunity #regalos #craftbox #handmade #handmadewithlove #honey #teashop #lifestyle #onehiveforlife #healthylifestyle #healthyfood #localproducts #localbusiness #local #Recipes #madeinthephilippines #lokalbrand #lokal #goodintentionsgratefulheart
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