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Bee Harvest Manila Curated Gift Set Collections.

Bee Harvest Manila goes all out with its curated gift sets collection for both personal and corporate gifting series. We had been asked before to do some small time personal gifts along with our gifts as requested by many both existing clients that have trusted our products and new comers. Since we still promote our products, we also welcome requested on collaboration with other products specially with those requiring some personal designs. Among those are our collection of coffee sets, tea sets and tea variants. Recently coming out with our coffee beans (Arabica) for those who love coffee, we have added them on our product list since we are harvesting all that is very good for the consumers.

We have been doing curations for weddings, baptismal, birthdays, anniversaries and corporate events. We will continue to come up with our original creative looks for those in need. Our curated gifts have also helped alot of the communities since it has moved our products, making additional demand for them to harvest more. Together, we are very grateful and thankful for your continued support and we are hoping for more opportunities in serving not only corporate but commercial soon.

For more of our sample works, do check our curated gift set folio. You may also follow our social media accounts to see the latest.

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